Unilateral NAMA: Sustainable road-based freight transport Colombia

General Information of the NAMA

General Information
Country Colombia
National implementing entity (NAMA owner) Ministry of Transport
Development stage Implementation
International partners
Total costs USD 15 million
Duration 2014-2016
Scope of the NAMA
Type of NAMA Supported (with unilateral elements)
Type of action Policy or program
Scope of action National
Type of approach Improve
Transport mode Road Cargo

The NAMA proposed involves a freight logistics policy, a freight improvement program and freight vehicle scrapping and fleet renewal as part of a general support for the implementation of the policies referred to above. This will enable the country to improve its logistics performance indicators, thereby increasing its competitiveness and gaining other benefits from the improvements implemented.

The country has developed three main policies and a set of standards that are aimed at creating a more efficient sector. The NAMA seeks to complement this work with MRV development and implementation and complementary activities. The main mitigation actions of this NAMA are:

  • Fuel and efficiency standards: implementation and monitoring of improved standards in the country (established in national decrees)
  • Fleet renovation: Scrapping and subsidising purchase of vehicles of improved technology (established in national policy document)
  • Improvement of the organisational setup of the freight sector (established in national policy document)
  • Improvement of logistics in the freight sector. (established in national policy document)

The NAMA is part of the National Low Emissions Development Strategy, the Transport Action Plan for climate change mitigation, and the national development plan.

Mitigation potential

Mitigation impact
Expected mitigation impact 0.52 MtCO2eq/y

Mitigation potential calculations were performed using a bottoms-up approach, and considering the following main parameters:

  • Emission Factors (EF) of vehicles, based on International Vehicle Emissions – IVE –  while local measurements are made for Colombia
  • Activity Factors (AF), calculated based on origin-destination matrixes of the Ministry of Transport
  • Number of vehicles, based on official registry of the Ministry of Transport.


Total costs USD 15 million
Funder Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammen Arbeit (GIZ), Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
Costs for preparation NAMA preparation has already been developed by the national government with support from GIZ and IADB.
Costs for implementation

This cost is related to the preparation of a complete freight policy in the country, as is being developed by the Ministry of Transport in Colombia. It is described in the CONPES policy document number 3779.

The NAMA has complete political support in the form of USD 530 million financing from the national government which have been established for the fleet renovation process.



Data is captured by local authorities and they must submit such information to Ministry of Transport.


  • Vehicle equivalent emission factor (g pollutant /km) based on vehicle fuel consumption.
  • Vehicle activity factor (distance travelled in a year)
  • Vehicle fleet number divided into categories
  • Number of vehicles
  • Fatalities and accidents report


The implementation of the NAMA will contribute to redirect the trend of unsustainable freight logistics, management and fleet composition with an enhancement of the policies by developing improved capacity in the sector, better measurements and followup capacity.


  • PM: 1,400 tons per year
  • Reduction of 93 mio. gallons fuel per year


  • Road safety: Avoids 150 fatal accidents, 715 serious accidents and 4,000 simple accidents in the first year


  • Reduction of O&M costs of road freight vehicles USD 700 mio. per year