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The transport NAMA Database provides information to transport NAMAs around the world. The database is the first resource to present information about transport NAMAs in one place, and the transport sector is the first sector to present its NAMAs in such an easily accessible way. The database gives users an overview and the opportunity for in-depth insight into the main characteristics and processes behind the featured transport NAMAs, including the policy identification process, mitigation actions, co-benefits, MRV, financing and the registration process.

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Newly published: Download the Transport NAMA Handbook


The database contains NAMAs in various stages of development. GIZ uses the following categorisation of development stages:

  • Development of Initial concept: This can include: e.g. that a feasibility study is available, that a NAMA identification process has resulted in the intention to develop priority NAMA(s), etc.

  • Full concept under development: This stage ranges from identification of broad NAMA scope by the government and supporting organisations, to full proposal submitted to funding organisations and anything in between, including submitted but not awarded funding.

  • Implementation: Either funding from international donor approved or components

    of programme / project are being implemented or policies being developed / adopted.

Please note: The development stages have been deliberately defined as very broad and in some cases overlapping categories. This facilitates the allocation of NAMAs where only limited Information is available. The categorisation is therefore to be understood as a mere indication of the development stage rather than a precise contention.

The Transport NAMA Database is an open source platform. By gathering information on transport NAMAs which are publicly available, we support knowledge sharing and transparency on transport NAMA development worldwide.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via in case you would like to add a NAMA, adapt information or comment.

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