Programme for energy efficiency in the transport sector in Chile

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General Information of the NAMA

General Information
Country Chile
National implementing entity (NAMA owner) Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Environment
Development stage Under development
International partners
Total costs
Scope of the NAMA
Type of NAMA Supported (with unilateral elements)
Type of action Strategy or plan
Scope of action National
Type of approach Improve
Transport mode Bus, Road cargo

The objective of the NAMA is to promote energy efficiency in the transport sector in order to reduce GHG emissions and to increase the sustainability of freight and passenger road transport operations across Chile. The feasibility study explored the potential for this to be achieved via the following four mitigation activities: aerodynamic improvements of vehicles, capacity building on efficient driving, best practices for vehicle maintenance, and improved fleet management. The transport sector is responsible for 22% of national GHG emissions in Chile, 20% of which were generated from road transport. Emissions from the sector are expected to increase significantly, therefore the implementation of sustainable activities that will have a long-term impact on both GHG emissions and the development of more efficient commercial freight and passenger transport services could have a transformative impact. The financial ambition of the NAMA has not been published. The proponents are the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Environment.