NAMA based on the Federal Mass Transit Programme (PROTRAM) (Mexico)

General Information of the NAMA

Country Mexico
National implementing entity (NAMA owner) Mexican Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT)
Development stage Full concept under development
International partners Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
Total costs USD 380 million
Duration 2012-2030
Type of NAMA Supported (with unilateral elements)
Type of action Policy or program
Scope of action National
Type of approach  Not known
Transport mode BRT, Other Public Transport

The NAMA has two objectives. In the short term, the objective is to provide complementary support to the federal mass transit programme to undertake capacity building and to improve internal processes to speed up project development. In the long term, the NAMA will provide funding to continue activities under the program beyond 2016 when a large part of existing funding will finish.

The NAMA has three components which will finance various types of activities listed below:

Capacity building (Requested USD 20 million)

On-the-ground capacity building:

  • Support activities to identify projects at the local level
  • Capacity building to enable municipalities to develop integrated sustainable mobility master plans

Internal capacity building:

  • Creation of mechanisms/processes to improve the execution of projects
  • Internal capacity development to accelerate the evaluation and implementation of projects
  • Development of guidelines for the processing of funds

Methodology development (Requested USD 10 million)

  • Development of general methodologies (project evaluation, processing of funds)
  • Development of specific methodologies that focus on externalities (cost-benefit analysis, health and environmental impact assessment)

Integrated transport systems (Requested USD 350 million)

  • Development of an integrated mass transit corridors (BRT+)
  • Multimodal integration
  • Low-carbon technologies
  • Vehicle scrapping

Mitigation potential

Expected mitigation impact 6.4 MtCO2 over the total lifetime

The mitigation potential of the NAMA is given at 6.4 MtCO2 equivalent over the total lifetime.


Total costs USD 380 million
Funder Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment




  • Reductions in pollutants that impact human health is one of the strongest benefits of mass-transit projects, particularly in Mexican cities which already deal with high pollution.


  • The social aspect of transport projects is very important. Improvements in transport systems directly benefit the population.


  • It has been observed that new BRT lines have a positive impact on the property values of surrounding neighbourhoods.