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Welcome to the Transport NAMA Database! The transport NAMA Database is an interactive wiki-based portal that provides access to transport NAMAs that are at all stages from initial concept to implementation. The database is the first resource to present information about transport NAMAs in one place, and the transport sector is the first sector to present its NAMAs in such an easily accessible way.

The database contains a wide-range of information about Transport NAMAs that is presented in three ‘Levels,’ each more detailed than the last, as shown in the overview below: Collectively, these levels give users an in-depth insight into the main characteristics and processes behind the featured transport NAMAs, including the policy identification process, mitigation actions, co-benefits, MRV, financing and the registration process.

The Transport NAMA Database aims to improve knowledge management and knowledge transfer by facilitating access to transport NAMAs, lessons learned and good practices. This Database will facilitate the identification of capacity building needs and support the matching of financial and technical support with proposed NAMA activities. Moreover it is supposed bring the transport NAMA community closer together by establishing contacts and networks; and demonstrate the interest and progress of the transport community in the area of NAMAs.

The NAMA Database is an open platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. You are encouraged to add NAMAs and help the database grow. For existing NAMAs, use the "edit with form" buttons in the wiki pages to add and edit information. Read more on the process of adding Transport NAMAs.

This version of the Transport NAMA Database is a prototype version for comment. We would appreciate your feedback in order to improve the database and better tailor it to user needs. Please send your feedback to Version 1.0 of the database is planned to be released in Q1 2014. This prototype version was created by GIZ and WRI/EMBARQ. It is based on publicly available information about transport NAMAs, information obtained via stakeholder consultation and information about NAMAs that have been supported and developed by GIZ and WRI/EMBARQ. Most of the information included in this prototype version for comment has been reviewed by the respective NAMA owners / National Implementing Entities, and these reviews will be complete when Version 1.0 is launched. Version 1.0 will operate as described in the ‘Contribute’ section under ‘Process’ on the database website.

Overview of transport NAMAs


*The categories of transport modes in this table are:

PT=Public transport, IMT=Individual Motorized Transport, IMNT=Individual Non-Motorized Transport, F=Freight

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