Ethiopian Railways – Railway Academy NAMA

General Information of the NAMA

General Information
Country Ethiopia
National implementing entity (NAMA owner)

Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC)

Development stage  Full concept under development
International partners
Total costs

USD 300,000

Duration 1.5 years
Scope of the NAMA
Type of NAMA


Type of action
Scope of action National
Type of approach
Transport mode Rail sector

The Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) was set up in 2007 with the mandate to construct railway infrastructure and provide passenger and freight rail transport services in Ethiopia. The envisaged infrastructure consists of two railway project components, namely the Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (LRT) and the Nationwide Railway Network Development Programme. Local knowledge and capacity is a main success factor of sustainable railway implementation and operation. ERC therefore intends to establish a state-of-the-art Railway Academy.

The Railway Academy will:

  • Provide of basic skill trainings and practical trainings for middle-level technicians at diploma and advanced diploma level, to assure availability of front-line workers in railway transport operation and maintenance as well as infrastructure construction
  • Conduct practical oriented training of the middle-level technicians at Bachelor degree level
  • Organise and conduct short-term professional skill development training for engineers
  • Offer leadership trainings for middle level and executive management
  • Undertake applied technical research and technology transfer
  • Promote preparation and review of railway sector policy documents
  • Organise and facilitate railway sector workshops and seminars
  • Promote research and development in areas of railway technology advancement in collaboration with selected universities and the Institute of Technologies

Mitigation potential

Mitigation impact
Expected mitigation impact in CO2eq


Total costs

USD 300,000

Costs for preparation
Costs for implementation

 The requested    support    is    to    be    used    to    carry    out    a    feasibility    and    need    assessment    study    for    a    future    Railway    Academy    as    well    as    to    propose    content    of    relevant    curricula.