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No.Name of NAMACountryDevelopment StageType of NAMAType of actionScope of actionType of Approach (A-S-I)
1Modernization of freight train infrastructureArgentinaFeasibility studySupported (with unilateral elements)Not knownNationalS-I
2NAMA Proposal for the Railway Sector in BangladeshBangladeshUnder developmentProjectNational
3Sustainable Urban Transport System for Thimphu and Phuentsholing cities (Bhutan)BhutanUnder development
4Comprehensive mobility plan for Belo Horizonte (Brasil)BrazilFeasibility studySupported (with unilateral elements)Strategy or planSub-nationalA-S-I
5E-mobility readiness plan (Chile)ChileUnder developmentSupported (with unilateral elements)Strategy or planNationalS-I
6Integrated improvement of transit management (Chile)ChileFeasibility studySupported (with unilateral elements)Strategy or planNationalI
7Programme for Energy Efficiency in the Transport Sector in ChileChileUnder developmentSupported (with unilateral elements)Strategy or planNationalI
8Santiago Transportation Green Zone (Chile)ChileUnder developmentSupported (with unilateral elements)Strategy or planSub-nationalS-I
9Non-Motorized Transport (Colombia)ColombiaFeasibility study
10Transit-Oriented Development in ColombiaColombiaUnder developmentSupported (with unilateral elements)Policy or programNationalA
11Unilateral NAMA: Sustainable road-based freight transport ColombiaColombiaUnder developmentSupported (with unilateral elements)Policy or programNationalA-S-I
12Fostering technological change and fleet modernization in the public transport sector (Greater Metropolitan Area of San Jose, Costa Rica)Costa RicaUnder development
13Urban NAMA (Costa Rica)Costa RicaUnder development
14Low Carbon Climate Resilient Development Strategy in DominicaDominican RepublicUnder developmentSupported (with unilateral elements)Strategy or plan, Policy or program?NationalNot known
15Urban transport infrastructure in Cairo, EgyptEgyptProposalProgramGreater Cairo Region
16Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Transit Oriented Development NAMA (Ethiopia)EthiopiaUnder developmentSupported (with unilateral elements)Project: Investment in infrastructureNot known-
17Ethiopia Railways Establishment of Climate Vulnerability Infrastructure Investment Framework NAMAEthiopiaUnder developmentSupported (with unilateral elements)ProjectNationalS-I
18Ethiopia’s National Railway Network and Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (LRT) NAMAEthiopiaProject: Investment in infrastructure

Project: Invesment in machinery

Policy or program
19Ethiopian Railways – Railway Academy NAMAEthiopiaProject: Investment in infrastructure
20BRT for Accra (Ghana)GhanaUnder developmentProject
21Sustainable Urban Transport Initiative (SUTRI) (Indonesia)IndonesiaPilot PhaseSupported (with unilateral elements)Policy or programNational, Sub-nationalS-I
23City wide mitigation programme of Greater Amman Municipality (Jordan)JordanFeasibility studySupported (with unilateral elements)Not knownSub-nationalNot known
24Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action for Low-carbon Urban Development in KazakhstanKazakhstanSupported (with unilateral elements)
25Mass Rapid Transit (Nairobi)KenyaUnder developmentSupported (with unilateral elements)ProjectS-I
26Master Plan on Comprehensive Urban Transport of Vientiane (Lao)LaosFeasibility studySupported (with unilateral elements)Strategy or planSub-nationalS-I
27Public transport development (Lebanon)LebanonFeasibility studySupported (with unilateral elements)Strategy or planSub-nationalS-I
28Hybrid electric vehicles (Lebanon)LebanonUnder developmentNationalI
29Car Fleet Renewal in MexicoMexicoUnder developmentSupported (with unilateral elements)Project: Investment in machineryNot knownI
30Enhancing Vehicle Renovation and operating efficiency in Mexico´s federal freight sector (Mexico)MexicoImplementationSupported (with unilateral elements)Policy or programNationalI
31NAMA based on the Federal Mass Transit Programme (PROTRAM) (Mexico)MexicoUnder developmentSupported (with unilateral elements)Policy or programNational-
32Optimization of the conventional bus system in the valley of Mexico City (Mexico)MexicoFeasibility studySupported (with unilateral elements)Not knownSub-nationalS-I
33Public Transport Route Optimization and Vehicle Fleet Renovation (Mexico)MexicoUnder developmentSupported (with unilateral elements)Not knownNationalS-I
34Integrated Urban Mobility Systems as a Crediting Mechanism (Mexico)MexicoImplementation
35Natural gas in public transport (Mexico)MexicoFeasibility study
36Transport NAMA (Pakistan)PakistanUnder development
37TRANSPeru, Sustainable Transport NAMA (Peru)PeruUnder developmentSupported (with unilateral elements)Strategy or planNational, sub-nationalS-I
38Rehabilitation of Arterial Roads (Serbia)SerbiaUnder developmentSupported (with unilateral elements)ProjectNationalI
39Passenger Modal Shift from Road to Rail – The Gautrain Case (South Africa)South AfricaImplementationUnilateralProjectSub-nationalS
40Rollout of electric private passenger vehicles (South Africa)South AfricaFeasibility studySupported (with unilateral elements)Not knownNationalI
41Urban Public Transport Connectivity and Public Transport Management (Thailand)ThailandUnder developmentNationalS
42Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) for Kampala (Uganda)UgandaUnder developmentProjectS,I
43Periodic Vehicle Inspection for Emissions and Roadworthiness (Uganda)UgandaImplementationSupported (with unilateral elements)Policy or programNationalA
44Production and application of hybrid and electric cars in VietnamVietnamFeasibility studyNot knownProjectSub-nationalS
45Fuel efficiency policies (Vietnam)VietnamUnder developmentNot known
46Green freight (Vietnam)VietnamUnder developmentNot known

Remark: Please note that we do not have detailed information about all NAMAs, therefore not all of them are linked to detailed descriptions.